In the pre-independence period, Police Officers of the Punjab used to receive training at Police Training School, Phillaur (East Punjab/India). Later in the post-independence era, Police Training School Sargodha took over the training responsibility, and provided training for almost 11 years (1947-58). Subsequently, in 1959 the Police Training School was shifted to Sihala. In 1975 the school was upgraded as Punjab Police College Sihala.

The first 04 batches of Probationer ASsP from Common Training Programme also received their specialized training at this College starting in 1975. Moreover, the directly inducted DIsG and SsP from armed forces were also trained during this period at Sihala.  In 2001, the college was re-organized and divided into 03 Campuses i.e Campus-I meant for In-Service Courses, Campus-II for Pre-Service and Campus-III for allied training facilities.

The college prides itself for training officials from national and international law enforcement agencies. National organizations include Punjab Police, Khyber-Pakhtunkha Police, Sindh Police, Baluchistan Police, Azad Jammu & Kashmir Police Gilgit-Baltistan Police, Railway Police, Islamabad Police, Motorway Police, Anti-Narcotics Force, Federal Investigation Agency, National Accountability Bureau. Police officers from Zimbabwe, Palestine, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Maldives, and Afghanistan have also been trained in the college from time to time. More than 93,000 police officers from the rank of Constable to Superintendent of Police (SsP), have been trained so far at this training institute.