Safwat Lodge

The old mess has been renovated as Safwat Ghayur Lodges for lodging facilities to senior officers.


Staff Room

A conducive environment in the form of staff room is available for staff.


Mess Halls

Mess halls established and maintained for the dining facilities for trainees as well as staff.



Aftab Khan School Of Investigation 

This school established for the specialized training in the field of investigation for all type of trainings.



Admin Block

This building is the main administrative office of the college. The academic block is also a part of this building comprising multimedia classrooms, library, auditorium, conference room, computer labs, etc.



Computer Labs

The college has a well-established computer infrastructure. It includes three well equipped computer training labs.



The college has a well-equipped air conditioned auditorium with multimedia and sound system that has the capacity to accommodate about 500 persons. It is usually used for training sessions and various cultural programs.


Model Class Room 

The Model Class Room facility contains a variety of equipment for audiovisual presentations, allowing students and groups to practice their presentation skills.



The College Library is one of the best library, on the subject of police, in the country. It has more than 1,00,000 books and journals.


Scientific Wing

In order to impart training in the field of scientific investigation of crime, a separate building is constructed in the college.


Model Police Station

An integrated training regime has been introduced at the renovated Model Police Station .


Mock Crime Scene Area

Crime Scene Area is used to give practical simulation regarding preservation of the crime scene and evidence collection.


Parade Ground

Passing out parade of trainee officers is conducted on the parade ground, which is attended by Chief Minister, Prime Minister, President or Home Minister.


Martial Arts

All trainee officers are given Martial Arts Training to make them mentally and physically tough and improve their self-defense techniques.


Assault Training

All trainee officers including female officers are given Assault Training to make them mentally and physically tough to lead police force of this country from the front.


Tactical Training

The college aims at developing skills such as street crossing, rappelling from a tower, close quarter combat, etc. therefore, the college has recently started Special Tactical Training.



The College has a 6-bed hospital for trainees and staff with a Medical Officer.



The college cafeteria was renovated in 2015. Cleanliness of the cafe and hygiene of the food is specially taken care of. With grassy lawns all around the cafeteria, it has turned into one of the beautiful building of the college. It is commonly known as Cafe-59.


Trainee Hostels

There are total 12 hostels in the college. Some of them are newly constructed.


Sarda Mess

Before the separation of Bangladesh, police officers of the rank of ASsP were trained in the police academy in Sarda, District Bangladesh. In memory of that academy, Sarda Mess was constructed in the college premises. Senior officers visiting college for the purpose of delivering lecture stay here. There are 5 rooms in the mess, and it was renovated in 2015.