Regular Courses

The courses being offered to the trainees at Police College Sihala are as follows:

Junior Command

Eligibility:   DSsP eligible for promotion as SPs
Duration:   16 Weeks

Advance Class

Eligibility:   Confirmed Inspectors and eligible for promotion as DSsP
Duration:   16 Weeks

Upper Class

Eligibility:   Intermediate Course qualified ASIs and Offg: SIs not exceeding 55 years of age.
Duration:   16 Weeks

Specialized Training Courses
(Investigation, Operation & Intelligence)

Eligibility:   Sub Inspectors
Duration:   04 Months

Intermediate Class

Eligibility:   Lower School qualified Head Constables not exceeding 50 years of age.
Duration:   16 weeks

Probationer (ASI's SIs & Inspector)

Eligibility:   Newly inducted ASIs, SIs & Inspectors
Duration:   09 Months


Eligibility:   Newly inducted Inspectors legal
Duration:   16 weeks

Traffic Wardens

Eligibility:   Newly inducted Traffic Wardens
Duration:   24 Weeks

Basic Recruit

Eligibility:   Newly Recruited Constables
Duration:   39 Weeks

Drill Instructors

Eligibility:   Constable to ASIs
Duration:   16 Weeks